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A Very Special Meeting

If I could meet with anyone in the world, I would meet with our first president, George Washington. I would want to meet George Washington at his home, Mt. Vernon. We would meet in his library and have an in-depth conversation. We would talk about what life was like in the 1700s and I would tell him what life is like now. It would be difficult to explain modern day things like phones, but I think I could handle it. Next, he would walk me around his estate, and he would explain what each place was used for. He would tell me what the Revolutionary war was like, and I would tell him what World War Two was like. Next, I would tell him how much our country has grown, and I think he would be amazed that there are fifty states and sixteen territories. We would end our interesting meeting by talking about the president now, and I know he would be very surprised that our president is black.




An Outstanding (Un)realistic Day

My perfect day would consist of waking up at five o’clock in the morning in a hotel in Hawaii. I would want to be tired but not too tired, and I would want to watch the sunrise. After the sunrise, I would go back to sleep at six fifteen in the morning and wake up at seven in the morning. I would start off the day by speaking to Alexander Hamilton, which would get me in a good mood. Next, I would have a fantastic breakfast consisting of pancakes and eggs, which I would digest for quite some time. My digesting would lead straight into a fun hour of surfing with perfect waves. The water would be around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it would only be ten in the morning by that time, I would fly in a spacious ultra speed helicopter to Aspen, Colorado, where I would start my next leg of the journey.
I would land right at the top of the ski mountain, Aspen Highlands. Even though it is a summer’s day, there would still be incredible snow. I would ski to the bottom doing difficult runs but runs that I can do without falling. I would do that four times, and I would finish by skiing straight into the restaurant Matsuhisa in Aspen. I would dine there for lunch, and after that, I would get back into my high-speed helicopter and fly away. The helicopter would be productive thirty-three minutes of online shopping. I would want to buy a trampoline and have it be delivered directly to the Santa Monica beach in the shallow part of the water. After my thirty-three minute flight, I would start my third and final part of my day.
By the time I have landed in Santa Monica, it is about three o’clock pm. Luckily, since it is a summer’s day, the sunset is at eight o’clock, so I still have hours to spare for relaxing. I would drive my own Aston Martin up to my cousin’s house in the hills of Los Angeles and enjoy an afternoon swim. I would head back to my trampoline at around six in the afternoon and relax on my trampoline. I would order some food and have it be delivered to me on my trampoline. Then, when the sun was about to set, I would start bouncing on my incredibly bouncy trampoline and I would leap from my trampoline into the glistening, warm water of Southern California, and end the day with a splash.



The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid is a great story about Egyptian gods and magic. The main characters are Carter Kane and Sadie Kane. They are twins and alternate views each paragraph. It is really neat to see the different types of magic each other know.

Carter and his dad go to visit Sadie, in London, because Sadie lives with her grandparents. They go to the Louvre museum, and head to the Egyptian monument. Unfortunately, Carter’s dad releases Set, the god of evil and gets taken over by him. Carter and Sadie saw their first view of Egyptian magic. Little do they know that they have serious magic power. They learn about their powers which lead to Carter and Sadie go on an amazing adventure, meeting gods that are trillions of years old, seeing ancient Egyptians, and crazy magicians. On the adventure, they discover their true talent, and Carter and Sadie learn about their dad’s true identity. I think anyone that likes the Percy Jackson series will love this book, as well as anyone who loves adventure books. I definitely recommend this book to everyone, though.